April Featured Antibodies

For April 2021, we are excited to introduce new featured antibody products!

These products are popular human interleukin antibodies that can be used for a variety of different experimental techniques including Western Blotting, IHC, and ELISA.

Rabbit Anti-IL2 Polyclonal Antibody (RD70018A)
Rabbit Anti-IL6 Polyclonal Antibody (RD72204A)
Rabbit Anti-IL8 Polyclonal Antibody (RD71349A)
Rabbit Anti-IL10 Polyclonal Antibody (RD70037A)

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April Featured ELISA Kits

This month, we are excited to feature the following popular Ready-To-Use Human Interleukin ELISA kits!

Human Interleukin 1b ELISA Kit (RDR-IL1b-Hu)
Human Interleukin 2 ELISA Kit (RDR-IL2-Hu)
Human Interleukin 6 ELISA Kit (RDR-IL6-Hu)
Human Interleukin 7 ELISA Kit (RDR-IL7-Hu)
Human Interleukin 8 ELISA Kit (RDR-IL8-Hu)
Human Interleukin 10 ELISA Kit (RDR-IL10-Hu)
Human Interleukin 17 ELISA Kit (RDR-IL17-Hu)

To see a full list of featured COVID-19 Related ELISA kits, check out this News Post.

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1st Antibody Purchase

For any customers interested in our new antibody products, use the code 'RDAB10' for 10% off your first order of any antibody products!


Credit Reward Program

We want to reward YOU for all your hard work. That's why we've started our credit reward program for any of our customers who use our kits and publish a paper with them. For full details about our program, you can read more here. And if you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email or Contact Us.


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