Publications mentioning the use of Reddot Biotech products from 2021:

1. Ullah, H., Ullah, F., Rehman, O., Jahan, S., Afsar, T., Al-Disi, D., Almajwal, A., & Razak, S. (2021). Chronic exposure of bisphenol S (BPS) affect hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular activities in adult male rats: possible in estrogenic mode of action. Environmental health and preventive medicine, 26(1), 31.

Products mentioned: RD-FSH-Ra, RD-LH-Ra


2. Ajaz, S., McPhail, M. J., Gnudi, L., Trovato, F. M., Mujib, S., Napoli, S., ... & Agarwal, K. (2020). Mitochondrial dysfunction as a mechanistic biomarker in patients with Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Mitochondrion.

Products mentioned: RD-CPS1-Hu


3. Grochecki, P., Smaga, I., Lopatynska-Mazurek, M., Gibula-Tarlowska, E., Kedzierska, E., Listos, J., ... & Kotlinska, J. H. (2021). Effects of Mephedrone and Amphetamine Exposure during Adolescence on Spatial Memory in Adulthood: Behavioral and Neurochemical Analysis. International Journal of Molecular Sciences22(2), 589.

Products mentioned: RD-MMP9-Ra


Check out our most recent publications from 2020 as well:


4. Cambria, E., Arlt, M. J., Wandel, S., Krupkova, O., Hitzl, W., Passini, F. S., ... & Wuertz-Kozak, K. (2020). TRPV4 Inhibition and CRISPR-Cas9 Knockout Reduce Inflammation Induced by Hyperphysiological Stretching in Human Annulus Fibrosus Cells. Cells9(7), 1736.

Products mentioned: RD-PGE2-Ge


5.Rehman, H., Jahan, S., Ullah, I., Thörnqvist, P., Jabbar, M., Shoaib, M., . . . John, N. (2020). Effects of endocrine disruptor furan on reproductive physiology of sprague dawley rats: An F1 extended one-generation reproductive toxicity study (EOGRTS). Human & Experimental Toxicology, , 96032712091141.

Products mentioned: RD-FSH-RaRD-LH-Ra


6. Magkouta, S. F., Pappas, A. G., Vaitsi, P. C., Agioutantis, P. C., Pateras, I. S., Moschos, C. A., ... & Kalomenidis, I. T. (2020). MTH1 favors mesothelioma progression and mediates paracrine rescue of bystander endothelium from oxidative damage. JCI insight5(12).

Products mentioned: RDR-8-OHdG-Ge


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