We know that nothing is more valuable than your time.  That’s why we are excited to offer all of our ELISA kits in a Ready-to-Use format!

            Ready-to-Use ELISA kits are manufactured to have enhanced stability, meaning all components of the kit can be stored together at 4°C. No more separating kit reagents!  To reduce experimental time and potential error, both detection reagents come pre-diluted, one less step to worry about! 

            The time saving features of our Ready-to-Use kits come without any change to product quality.  Both Traditional and Ready-to-Use kits offer the same great sensitivity and detection range, along with a 12-month shelf life!

            Choose from over 6000 ELISA kits available in Ready-to-Use format for your next experiment!




Traditional ELISA kits (48T or 96T size)

Ready-to-use ELISA kits (48T or 96T size)

  • 1-4.5 hours experimental time (depending on the number of samples)
  • 1-3 hours experimental time (depending on the number of samples)
  • Detection Reagent A and Detection Reagent B -Dilute to the working concentrations with Diluent Buffer (1:100)
  • Pre-diluted detection reagents to reduce possible error
  • The TMB Substrate, Wash Buffer (30X concentrate) and the Stop Solution should be stored at 4℃.
  • All other components should be at -20℃.
  • Enhanced stability to allow for storage of the whole kit at 4℃
  • High quality and sensitivity
  • 12-month shelf life 
  • High quality and sensitivity
  • 12-month shelf life  


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