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2018 and Older:

5. Banadakoppa, M., Balakrishnan, M., & Yallampalli, C. (2018). Upregulation and release of soluble fms‐like tyrosine kinase receptor 1 mediated by complement activation in human syncytiotrophoblast cells. American Journal of Reproductive Immunology80(5), e13033.


Products mentioned: RD-VEGFR1-Hu

6. Ahsan, N., Ullah, H., Ullah, W., & Jahan, S. (2018). Comparative effects of Bisphenol S and Bisphenol A on the development of female reproductive system in rats; a neonatal exposure study. Chemosphere197, 336-343.


Products mentioned: RD-LH-Ra, RD-FSH-Ra, RD-T-Ge, RD-E2-Ge, RD-Pg-Ge

7. Ullah, A., Pirzada, M., Jahan, S., Ullah, H., Turi, N., Ullah, W., ... & Khan, M. M. (2018). Impact of low-dose chronic exposure to bisphenol A and its analogue bisphenol B, bisphenol F and bisphenol S on hypothalamo-pituitary-testicular activities in adult rats: A focus on the possible hormonal mode of action. Food and chemical toxicology121, 24-36.


Products mentioned: RD-LH-Ra, RD-FSH-Ra

8. Shah, S. F. A., Iqbal, T., Naveed, N., Akram, S., Rafiq, M. A., & Hussain, S. (2018). ARG1 single nucleotide polymorphisms rs2781666 and rs2781665 confer risk of Type 2 diabetes mellitus. EXCLI journal17, 847.


Products mentioned: RD-Arg-Hu


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