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Species Reactivity

Catalog NumberRD-CTSL-Fi
Detection Range0.156-10nmol/L
SynonymsCTSL1 CATL CTS-L MEP Cathepsin L1 Major excreted protein
Product Details
Catalog NumberRD-GLb-Fi
Detection Range0.781-50U/L
SynonymsGL-B b-GAL bGAL ELNR1 EBP GLB1 Lactase Elastin Receptor 1,67kDa Elastin Receptor 1(67kD) Acid Beta-Galactosidase
Product Details
Catalog NumberRD-GnRH-Fi
Detection Range7.812-500pg/mL
SynonymsGNRH1 GRH LNRH LHRH LH-RH I Luliberin Luteinizing-Hormone Releasing Hormone Progonadoliberin-1 Gonadoliberin I Gonadorelin GnRH-associated peptide 1
Product Details
Catalog NumberRD-IGFBP1-Fi
Detection Range0.156-10ng/mL
SynonymsIBP1 AFBP IGF-BP25 PP12 Placental Protein 12 Amniotic Fluid Binding Protein Alpha-Pregnancy-Associated Endometrial Globulin Growth Hormone Independent-Binding Protein
Product Details

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