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Q: What is Reddot biotech?

A: Reddot Biotech is a new Canadian company, started in 2015, committed to bringing you high quality research-use ELISA kits. Our main office is in Kelowna, BC, and we now have a Customer Service Centre in Ottawa, ON.


Q: What is special about Reddot Biotech products?

A: Reddot Biotech only produces high quality products designed for use at a professional research level. All our products undergo three quality control checks before they are shipped out to customers. We also make most of our kits to order, ensuring you always get fresh products, and can make the most of their 12 month shelf life. We offer over 6000 different specialized ELISA kits in both Traditional and Ready-To-Use format, as well as offer customization options for unique kits or samples.


Q: Will these products ever go on sale?

A: Yes! Currently, we are offering 10% off all online orders (use code 'REDDOT10'). We also offer exclusive sales and rewards in our Monthly Newsletters. Subscribe to our Newsletter here to get a bigger discount on your next order!


Q: I don’t live in Canada/North America. Can I still purchase your products?

A: Absolutely! We have a number of distributors across the world that can help with international orders. Check out our Distributors Page for a complete list of our distributors and their locations. If you don’t see a distributor in your location, we offer shipping to most countries.


Q: How long is the lead time on your products?

A: As we do make most of our kits to order, the lead time for most of our products is 5-10 business days. We do have a select catalogue of kits in-stock at our office in Kelowna, that are available to be shipped out within 1 business day. Contact us to see what we currently have in-stock.


Q: What is the difference between Traditional and Ready-To-Use kits?

            A: Our new ‘Ready-To-Use’ ELISA kits feature:

  • Shortened experimental time
  • Pre-diluted detection reagents
  • Enhanced stability to allow for storage of the whole kit at 4oC

These kits still maintain our high level of quality and sensitivity, as well as our 12-month shelf life. Our Ready-To-Use kits are easier and faster to use as compared to our Traditional ELISA kits.


Q: What are the three quality control tests you perform on your kits?

A: The three quality control tests are checkpoints in the manufacturing process that we preform to check the following aspects:

  1. Standard curve and sensitivity (to ensure the kit works)
  2. Recovery/linearity/precision (to ensure that all our kits will perform similarly within and across batches)
  3. Final check (to ensure all components are present and not damaged or defective)

These tests ensure that our kits are have consistently high quality across all of our orders, and helps us provide you with better technical support after your experiment, if necessary.


Q: The manual for the kit I am interested in is unavailable. Where can I find it?

A: We are in the process of uploading all manuals to our site, and not all of them are available for download yet. Please contact us to request any manuals not already uploaded.


Q: What documentation can you provide for your kits?

A: Instruction manuals, MSDS, COA documents (Certificates of Analysis for previous batches), and any product references for that kit are available upon request.


Q: What sample types can I use with your kits?

A: The sample types we recommend differ depending on what kit you are interested in. The recommended sample types can be found in the product manual. You can also contact us for more information.


Q: The kit I am interested in is not on your website. Can I still order it?

A: We are happy to offer some customization services for kits we do not currently carry on our website. Please contact us with your request to see if we are able to manufacture a custom kit to fit your needs.


Q: Why can’t I detect an antibody from a different company with your kit?

A: The standard in our kits, as well as the antigens used in the antibody preparation are typically recombinant proteins. Differently expressed sequences, expression systems, and/or purification methods can be used in the preparation of recombinant proteins. There is also the possibility of differences in the screening technique of antibodies and antibody pairs in our kits. As a result, we cannot guarantee that our kit will be able to detect recombinant proteins produced by other companies. We do NOT recommend using our ELISA kits for the detection of other recombinant proteins.


Q: Are there any components in your kits that are hazardous?

A: The Stop Solution provided in our kits is an acid solution. We recommend wearing eye, hand, face, and clothing protection when using this reagent.


Q: Will you be attending any upcoming trade shows or conferences?

A: Yes! We plan to attend a number of different international shows in 2019, and we would love to see you there! We will announce all shows we are attending approximately one month in advance on our website, and in our Newsletter. Contact us if you would like to know what shows we are attending in advance, or to set up a meeting.


Do you have other questions, or want to give us feedback? We would love to hear from you! Contact us here, or email [email protected]!


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