This month, our featured products are our Rat Luteinizing Hormone, and Rat Follicle Stimulating Hormone ELISA kits!

Check out the Ready-To-Use format kits here:

Check out the Traditional format kits here:


We think you'll love these kits as much as we do, which is why we're offering 20% off these products for the month of November. Just use code FEATURE20 at checkout!

Don't forget, these kits have also been mentioned in the following recent publications:

       Bahrami, S., Mousavi, S. S., Alborzi, A. R., Mohammadi, G., & Namavari, M. (2019). Sperm quality and hormonal levels in C57BL/6 mice infected with Neospora caninum. Veterinary Parasitology

      David, M., Ain, Q. U., Ahmad, M., Zaman, W., & Jahan, S. (2019). A biochemical and histological approach to study antifertility effects of methanol leaf extract of Asplenium dalhousiae Hook. in adult male rats. Andrologia, e13262.

      Rehman, H., Ullah, I., David, M., Ullah, A., &Jahan, S. (2019) Neonatal exposure to furan alters the development of reproductive systems in adult male Sprague Dawley rats. Food and Chemical Toxicology

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