One of the leading causes of death in Canada is heart disease; responsible for the loss of over 30 000 lives per year. An estimated 25% of patients develop heart failure after suffering a heart attack. 


Some exciting news in the world of science was recently released from Ventrix, a company in partnership with University of California - San Diego. For the first time in history, scientists have conducted an FDA-approved, Phase 1 clinical trial in humans involving endomyocardial injections of a hydrogel. The gel is known as VentriGel, a hydrogel of the extracellular matrix derived from decellularized porcine myocardium, utilizing the natural scaffolding of cardiac muscle tissue.


The objective of the VentriGel is to repair damage and cardiac function in heart failure patients who have recently suffered from a heart attack. Ventrix has advanced their project into a Phase 2 clinical trial after promising results obtained in Phase 1.


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